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September Newsletter

September Meeting: The People’s Climate March San Diego
Sunday, September 21, 2014, 12:30 - 4 p.m.

The La Jolla Democratic Club will join the People’s Climate March San Diego, in lieu of our regular meeting at the AMC Community Room. We will have our La Jolla Democratic Club banner, so look for the banner and join us at Civic Plaza, at the Santa Fe Station and/or on the south side of the County Administation Building Park.

People’s Climate March

As you may know, on September 21st people from around the nation will come together in an unprecedented citizen mobilization for the People’s Climate March in New York City. As world leaders meet at the United Nations climate change summit, hundreds of thousands of marchers will demand the world we know is within our reach: a world with an economy that works for people and the planet; a world safe from the ravages of climate change; a world with good jobs, clean air and water, and healthy communities. Other marches will take place around the world as we collectively call on our leaders to act on climate change.

A growing coalition of San Diego organizations and individuals want to make sure that our local leaders know that San Diegans are also watching, and we too demand climate action now. They are working to bring hundreds of San Diegans together for the People’s Climate March SD to support the marchers in New York and to demand immediate action on climate change here at home. We will call for solutions that work for people and the planet – a rapid transition from fossil fuels to renewables and energy efficiency, and a just and sustainable economy. We will press our elected leaders to implement a strong Climate Action Plan for San Diego; develop sustainable water policies; build affordable mass transit and facilitate healthy communities; and support green jobs and clean energy.

raise up


Paid petitioners are trying to repeal San Diego's new earned sick leave and minimum wage law. Do not sign!

Our City Council just passed an ordinance making San Diego the largest city in the country to give its workers a boost and require employers to allow workers to earn up to five sick days a year.

Now some out-of-town and local business interests are trying to overturn this widely supported advancement by sending paid signature-gathers into the streets with a petition to overturn it.

Facts: On July 1 the CA minimum wage went from $8 to $9 per hour. The CA state minimum wage will climb to $10 in January 2016. The San Diego ordinance increases wages to $11.50 by January 2017. It also provides earned sick leave.

When you see the paid signature gatherers and their misleading petition, Don't Sign It! Instead, call or text 619-930-3300 and give Raise Up San Diego the time and locations!

For more information and to take the "Don't Sign It" pledge visit, Norma Rodriguez, Coalition Organizer.

La Jolla Democratic Club donates $2500 to "Slated To Win"
At the August club meeting the membership voted to contribute $2500 from the club treasury to assist in the cost of the very important “slate” mail pieces.

You're Invited: Garden Party Sept. 28 to Elect Democrats!

Here are three great reasons to attend our "Slated to Win" Garden Party on Sunday, September 28, in La Jolla. 

1) You'll help us reach more than 250,000 voters with a "slate" mail piece listing our endorsed candidates. Funds raised at this event will be used to send our Democratic Voter Guide countywide. This is how we won 71% of our races in 2012, and we can do it again with your help.

2) You'll meet our next two new Democratic statewide leaders -- Sen. Alex Padilla, running for Secretary of State, and Board of Equalization Member Betty Yee, running for State Controller. These are open seats, very important positions, and competitive races. 

3) You'll enjoy an afternoon with food, beverages, and fellow Democrats at a lovely home in La Jolla Farms. 

Click here to get costs and  sign up for "Slated to Win":

Your attendance and personal contribution will help us send slate mail pieces to 200 Democratic households -- enough votes to win a close election. Bring a friend and make it 400! I urge you to contribute even if you can't attend. 

Hosted by Lynn, Mike, and Josh Bruser, the party will be held September 29 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. at 9883 La Jolla Farms Rd., La Jolla (map). For more information, you can email or call (858) 277-3367.

You are invited to a House party to meet Congressman Scott Peters
Saturday 27, 2014 9:30 - 10:30 am
Read More

Volunteer to Help Re-elect Scott Peters
Read more

Update on Route 5 Corridor
Report submitted by member Mike Bullock, Transportation Chair of the Sierra Club.

At a recent meeting of Coastal Commission a package was approved unanimously. It includes rail double tracking, the lagoon improvements, bike and hiking facilities, and highway expansion (from a nominal 8 lanes to a nominal 12 lanes, for 27 miles).

However, the attached “Atkins/Kehoe” letter was recognized and several Commissioners referred to it and its advocacy for not necessarily building the final two lanes. Therefore, I feel a case could be made that what was approved was a nominal 10-lane freeway, with an option for two more lanes, if they are required.

unitedCitizens United

The La Jolla Democratic Club has been supportive of the work of Move to Amend. It seeks to gather support in amending the constitution to reverse the damage done by Citizens United, which allows enormous sums of money to finance political campaigns.

Meanwhile, states have been taking action to encourage the conversation. Recently, the California Legislature approved a nonbinding question that would allow California voters to show their thoughts – mainly, their disdain – for the 2010 US Supreme Court ruling in the Citizens United case that allowed corporations to make unlimited campaign contributions. It would be Prop. 49.

But opponents filed a lawsuit seeking to remove the question from the November ballot. They say the ballot should be reserved for laws, not the measurement of non-binding feelings. Meanwhile, advocates say putting the question on the ballot provides California voters with the very voice often quieted and underfunded compared to the corporations that the court decision empowered.

The case is being appealed, but thehearing will not be until September 10, after the ballot is printed!


Momentum Builds to Get Money Out of Politics
While many will say that the “Clean Elections” proposal (aka public funding of campaigns) is not as urgent as the 2014 races, it is important to know that initiatives, such as the “Clean Elections,” proposal take time to build. Your ongoing support is important. John Hartley is steadfastly leading the charge.

Clean Elections Campaign - Alert/Update
We got a great commentary printed in the Union-Tribune in support of clean elections for San
Diego on April 10, written by adjunct professor of political science at SD City College Mark
Linsky. Link to article
Please write a letter to the editor of the Union/Tribune in support of Mark Linsky's
commentary? We need a deluge of letters to the U/T. The more letters they receive, the more they
will print. You can write a very deliberative letter or a short, off-the-cuff letter. The U/T will print
the letters they want.
How to write a letter to the U/T
Put your thoughts together, email to: and refer to Mark Linsky's
commentary. Include your name, community of residence and a daytime telephone number. (The
phone number will not be published.)

Contact: John Hartley at 619-299-8870 or Make contributions at

Support the Clean Elections Campaign,



2014 Officers for the La Jolla Democratic Club:
President - Derek Casady
VP of Communication - Carolyn Shadle
Secretary - Artie Zaragoza
Treasurer - Nancy Casady
VP-at-large - Jim Evans
VP-at-large - Suzie Ditmars
VP-at-large - Michael Thomason
VP-at-large - Jerry Wanetick
Deadline Poet and Song Leader - John Meyer
Webmaster - Ann Kennedy

registerRegister voters at the Westfield (UTC) Shopping Center.
Contact Michelle Marzullo to indicate interest. She will contact you with a date when you can sign up for one-hour shifts.
Call 202-489-5122 or

The Wealth Divide
Did you miss the February meeting at which Dr. Joeffry Gordon, M.D., MPH presented on the Wealth Divide? If so, you can catch up by viewing his powerpoint presentation here.

Recommended Reading:
Capital in the Twenty-First Century - Thomas Piketty

What are the grand dynamics that drive the accumulation and distribution of capital? Questions about the long-term evolution of inequality, the concentration of wealth, and the prospects for economic growth lie at the heart of political economy. But satisfactory answers have been hard to find for lack of adequate data and clear guiding theories.
In Capital in the Twenty-First Century, Thomas Piketty analyzes a unique collection of data from twenty countries, ranging as far back as the eighteenth century, to uncover key economic and social patterns. His findings will transform debate and set the agenda for the next generation of thought about wealth and inequality.
Piketty shows that modern economic growth and the diffusion of knowledge have allowed us to avoid inequalities on the apocalyptic scale predicted by Karl Marx. But we have not modified the deep structures of capital and inequality as much as we thought in the optimistic decades following World War II.
The main driver of inequality--the tendency of returns on capital to exceed the rate of economic growth--today threatens to generate extreme inequalities that stir discontent and undermine democratic values. But economic trends are not acts of God. Political action has curbed dangerous inequalities in the past, Piketty says, and may do so again.


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Did you miss the picnic?pic2

This year’s picnic was held at the Villa La Jolla Park on Via Mallorca. If you weren’t there, you missed a great time - good food, background music, inspiring and informative speakers, and great fellowship.

Stop Fracking
We heard from remarkable 11- year old Sienna Wutzke who visited with her family. She spoke on fracking and the harm it is doing to our environment. She spoke about where it is happening and what we can do about it.
To support the work of Sienna, a motion was passed to invite club members to contribute to Sienna and her mom to go to Washington DC, with the LJDC.

Western Service Worker Association
We heard from Brandon McDonald, Operations Manager for the Western Service Worker Association,who spoke about this association that is 100% volunteer. Its purpose is to help their community by self-help. It is located at 3014 Imperial Avenue, and it provides clothing, medical and legal services, connections to job opportunities with a living wage, and school supplies. Club members are encouraged to donate their money or time by calling 619-237-5215.

Carol Kim for San Diego City Council
Kristina Wu, campaign manager, was there to update everyone on the campaign and encourage club members to help walk and call. She said help is needed to contact the voters in District 6: Mira Mesa, Sorrento Valley, Clairemont Mesa East and Clairemont Mesa West. You can help by calling them by phone and door knocking. Monday to Friday, make calls from 11am to 8pm and go door-to-door from 4pm to 8pm. On Saturdays, voter contact efforts begin at 10am and on Sundays, at 11am. Workers will be speaking with Democrats and No Party Preference voters. Work is at the Carol Kim Headquartrs, 8328 Clairemont Mesa Bld, San Diego 92111.
For more information about Carol Kim, visit


Thanks to the efforts of Michelle Marzullo, there was a donation made by Jana Osomolinski, DDS, Cosmetic and General Dentistry, 7502 Draper Avenue, La Jolla. It is: Philips Conicare, DaimondClean HX9342/103 The agenda was full at the picnic, so it did not get raffled off. (Michelle did, however, capture everyone’s name for the raffle. You can add your name at the October meeting, when it will be raffled off. Mark your calendar!

The News in Verse
By John L. Meyer

Its Labor Day!

Today our thoughts turn to labor,
A topic we don’t often favor.
But let us reflect today
On who did the labor and who had to pay.

Think of the pyramids and who built them; they say –
        slavish labor, not pleasing pay?
Who built the aquaducts, the bridges, the roads?
Who nursed and nourished the workers with their heavy loads?

And what about those cathedrals with their air-born spires?
Who built those skyscrapers going higher and higher?
Who labors to give birth - a lifelong burden
To feed, nurture, and teach the children?
And who brought us food from the farms?
And who cared for us when we were just babes in arms?

Work is good.  It keeps us strong.
But it can break our backs, when things go wrong.

So on this special day,
Let us honor the work and the workers who led the way!


You Are the Light of the World - By Joel Kovel, M.D.
Speech Via Mic Check at Occupy Wall Street
You are the light of the world.
I’m not saying this to flatter, but because we have to understand it deeply.
Your genius has been to seize upon the emerging hopes of humanity----
and give them a form of realization.
Now you are on the threshold of a world-transforming process,
and you must decide whether to cross over it.
Most of you have been spurred to come here by economic and political injustice;
Vicious indebtedness, precarious employment, unemployment, a nightmarish rise in inequality of wealth.
In short, the workings of a system that is corrupt, manifestly broken, and, it seems, in terminal crisis.
But that is just one side of the problem, and, I fear, the lesser side.
The brutal fact of the other side is that our planetary ecology is breaking down.
Climate change, species loss, widening circles of pollution are some of its marks.
All this and more testify to an ecological crisis of unprecedented proportion that threatens the future of civilization,
and even the extinction of our species along with many others.
It is the greatest challenge in all human history.
To meet it we need to begin wih a basic truth:
That the same system that causes economic and political injustice
also causes ecological breakdown.
It follows that to understand and change both sides of our predicament,
we need to be able to name and understand this system---
and first of all to see it as a system
and to understand its root,
So that we can uproot it.
The system, in a word , is capitalism.
Capitalism is more than the set of corporations,
though corporations are among its instruments.
It is a deep-seated ailment in the human condition
that centers around the conversion of everything to money
and lives from the expansion of money, or profit, which becomes capital itself.
This expansion is inherently endless, because money is number, and number has no limit.
We call this “capital’s accumulation,” and it is the supreme value of the capitalist system.
To accumulate, capital has to start somewhere.
This takes place in something called a Commons.
A Commons is a portion of nature collectively worked on and enjoyed by people.
When the capitalist class takes control of the Commons, it’s called an enclosure.
Thus the history of capitalism can be written as an ongoing and expanding series of enclosures—
and the struggles against this.
When the European settlers came here they saw that the Indians were communists who lived according to the Commons.
This aroused their vampire-like greed and so they set out on a path of destruction and possession.
They enclosed the Commons, put walls around it, and converted it to private property.
And yes, Wall Street is named for a real wall built on the actual site of today’s street.
It defined an enclosure built to “wall off” the Algonquin Indians
and keep them out of the settlers’ way.
This can be said to be the launching point of capitalism in North America.
It has grown into the metastasizing cancer known as “finance capital” you see all around you,
extending everywhere to the outer limits of empire,
and into the depths of our souls.
Indeed, the name, “Wall Street,” has come to mean capitalism itself.
So you see, when you occupy wall Street you are truly
reversing the enclosure of Commons and tearing at the very root of capitalism.
Welcome to the Indian Nation!
And this, friends, is the secret to your stroke of genius that makes you the light of the world.
If we are faithful to this lesson, we can transform society, bring about justice for all,
and overcome the ecological crisis.
For you have created a pathway of “commoning.”
Your space of occupation is both a site of resistance and a site of production.
This dual nature is what gives strength and resilience to your movement
and ignites the spark to inspire the whole world,
even as you have been inspired by other examples of creative commoning.
Now a resistant and productive commons is itself a flourishing, integral ecosystem,
and the building ground for healing and restoring other ecosystems.
It is implied in what Karl Marx wrote in 1848---
and I hope you are not ashamed to learn from Karl Marx—
that we will build “an association in which the free development of each is the condition for the free development of all.”
Therefore freedom is the essential condition for a society beyond capitalism.
An association of free people will take care of nature
because they see themselves as part of nature.
They will struggle for a new wold based on a new kind of production that gives nature intrinsic value.
They will develop the tools for overcoming and healing the cancer of accumulation
and the ecological crisis it generates.
Such a society will be in harmony with nature and not nature’s enemy.
I would call it “ecosocialism,”
And I hope you will join in its building.
The task is fantastically difficult.
But once you realize that you are not here to want what they want you to want:
to help out the Democratic party;
to get a seat at the big table;
To rationalize the deadly regime of accumulation… new choices open before you.
And this choice, this is the one for the flourishing of life.
Neither are you here to want what I want you to want.
You are here to seize the day whose dawning you have brought about,
and to direct it into the future.
Much study lies ahead,
much frustration, indeed, much sacrifice….
but also much joy----
once you accept the truth that the old order is dying
and the faith that a new one can be born.

MUSIC VIDEO: We are the Many - by Makana

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